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UHD Live Encoder :: PixUHD-E4600HA
PixUHD-E4600HA 시스템은 ATSC 3.0 지원 HW 타입 UHD Live Encoder 입니다. 
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ㆍUsing H/W based HEVC video encoder
ㆍQuad 3G-SDI/12G-SDI support
ㆍSecured equipment stability with advanced commercialization experience
ㆍBest picture quality and low latency (end to end delay : within 2.x seconds)
ㆍPerfect integration with Samsung and LG TV
ㆍInterface with HDR and interworking equipment
ㆍConvenient Web-based User Interface
ㆍBroadcast Service (MMTP/ROUTE) and Broadband Service (DASH) support
ㆍHDR10+ meta-data extraction from HDR10 input data
ㆍReal-time Broadcasting : Terrestrial (ATSC 3.0), IPTV, Cable, etc.
ㆍReal-time N-Screen Service : Terrestrial, Mobile, and IP concurrent services
ㆍReal-time Transcoding : Codec conversion (264 to 265) broadcast, VoD
ㆍReal-time Recording : Real-time recording for saving and editing
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